Durable expanded metal

av | 27 September, 2020

expanded metal is often the choice when creating walkways and grates, being both durable and aesthetically pleasing through cutting and stretching to give it a regular pattern. You've likely seen them at least once, such as outside emergency stairs and steel and other steel constructions where people need to walk across. It's however used for many other things too, being a flexible and cost effective material that are often used in construction. Expanded metal can also be used as filters for kitchens and industry since the meshes can be made in various sizes, potentially being able to filter not just air and liquids but sound- and radio waves as well. It's versatile to say the least, used for both interior and exterior details in places like airports and shops. Generally, they are customized to fit specific needs and uses.

Ordering and using them

The use of expanded metal can be seen almost everywhere and usually are ordered through a company like Expandermetall whose focus is on manufacturing these types of metals and have done so for decades. They're a reliable company for other companies and the municipality to purchase from for whatever reason they might need some expanded metal for. Not only that but they're not limited to just metals as a material but can use plastic as well to create meshed products for a client. No matter what you might need it for, they'll make it for you the way you want it, be it for stairs, screen walls, sound absorption or any other number of things.​